Current Specials

Teak Pedestals, was R 2,650 each now R 2,250 each

Oregon Sideboard, painted blue and white, was R 4,250 now R 3,950

Small brown oregon sideboard, was R 4,850 now R 4,250

White painted embuia chair (2 available), was R 2,250 now R 1,650 each

White painted 2-seater bench with 2 single chairs, was R 9,500 for the set, now only R 7,500

Painted table, was R 3,250 now R 2,650

Teak tea trolly, was R 1,850 now R 1,450

Large teak sideboard, was R 7,950 now R 6,950

Teak chair, was R 1,650 now R 1,350

Oak sideboard in very good condition, was R 11,200 now R 9,850